Paint The Fragments of Dreams

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MOEQY is a non-commercial enthusiast website dedicated to practicing and sharing personal works. I hope that MOEQY can become my ladder and record my growth step by step. At the same time, MOEQY will inevitably have various problems and flaws. We also welcome your valuable suggestions and exchanges.

"On the paper of memories, draw fragments of dreams" is the concept of MOEQY. It comes from the translation of the lyrics of the theme music "COLORFUL BOX", from the anime "Shirobako": "真っ白な思いに, 梦のかけらを". "Shirobako" is a particularly inspirational work. Although most of the people in the play have little to do with my life, what they show us is the performance of a group of creators who break through themselves. "The so-called inspiration is not to beautify reality, nor to deify people who pursue dreams." There is only one kind of heroism in the world, and that is to still love life after recognizing reality.

MOEQY is a cozy little home for ACGN lovers.


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